Customised Steel Almirah & Modular kitchen manufacturer in ip extension.

Customised Steel Almirah & Modular kitchen manufacturer In Ip extension.

The steel almirahs, lockers, and hiddens produced by Naresh Safe Factory NSF are trusted by royal families, temples, and gurdwaras across India.

One of the most successful businessmen is Mr. Naresh K. Madhok. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of steel and secure storage. He got his start in the business world at NSF and the now-famous Prem Iron Works, both of which were founded in his hometown of Old Delhi.

He has put everything he has into this company, and then some, by always going the extra mile for his clients.

Our collection includes only the highest quality home and office furnishings. We provide steel goods for construction sites, as well as modular kitchens, tables, and workstations. We have both furniture and storage space for your belongings.

Why choose NSF Almirah?

Termite Proof

Our steel almirahs are made to last and are made so that termites can't get in. This keeps your belongings safe and undamaged.

Budget Friendly

You can enjoy top-notch quality without going bankrupt. Our steel almirahs can help you store things without breaking the bank

Strong Locks

You can rest easy knowing that your things are safe because our locks are strong and provide an extra layer of protection.

35+ years of Experience

Our 35+ years of hard work have given us a lot of information about the industry, so you can trust our advice.

10+ years Warranty

We're confident in our goods, so we give you a 10+ year warranty so you don't have to worry.

Tata Steel (Trust of 100+years)

Our dedication to quality is backed by the trust of the steel business for more than a century. This makes sure that our products are durable and reliable.

100% Powder Coated

Our 100% powder-coated steel almirahs have a finish that lasts long and looks good.

Affordable Prices

Our steel almirahs are both high quality and affordable, so they can be used by a wide range of people

Electronic Locks

Give your security a modern update with electronic locks, which make it easy to control who has access to your things

Our clients

Our esteemed clientele is growing, and we've been in business since 1980. We're capable of customising steel furniture to meet the needs of our customers.

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We are pleased to provide furniture that is functional, inexpensive, and long-lasting for you and your family.

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