Powder Coated Steel Almirah manufacturer in ramprastha

Powder Coated Steel Almirah manufacturer
In ramprastha

For the production of steel almirahs, lockers, and hiddens, royal families, temples, and gurdwaras throughout India have put their trust in Naresh Safe Factory NSF.

Neresh K. Madhok is a very skilled businessman. His fields of expertise are steel and hidden lockers, therefore he knows a lot about them. He was born in Old Delhi and started his career at NSF before moving on to Prem Iron Works, which is now a well-known national brand.

Giving consumers the finest experience possible and going above and beyond for them has allowed him to create this firm with all of his life savings.

We have the best things in our collection, whether they are for your home or business. We provide workstations and tables, as well as modular kitchens and steel construction site supplies. We also have storage products and furniture.

Why choose NSF Almirah?

Termite Proof

Our steel almirahs are made to last and can't be damaged by termites, so your valuables will be safe

Budget Friendly

Steel almirahs from Naresh Safe Factory are affordable without sacrificing quality. This makes them available to everyone.

Strong Locks

You can rest easy knowing that your things are safe because our locking systems are strong.

35+ years of Experience

We've been in business for more than 35 years, so you can trust that your product will be made with precision and care.

10+ years Warranty

We are confident in our goods and offer a 10+ year warranty to give you extra peace of mind.

Tata Steel (Trust of 100+years)

Put your trust in tata Steel, a name that has kept its good name for more than a century.

100% Powder Coated

Our 100% powder-coated finish makes our almirahs not only sturdy but also nice to look at.

Affordable Prices

Our almirahs offer top-notch quality at prices that won't break your bank. This makes them a great investment

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are a modern comfort that make your home safer and easier to use.

Our clients

We have been servicing our esteemed clientele since 1980 and are able to customise steel furniture to meet their needs.

Check out our Portfolio

We take pride in producing furniture that is functional, cost-effective, and durable, ensuring long-lasting utility for you and your loved ones.

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