Customised Steel Almirah in east delhi.

Naresh Safe Manufacturing Line NSF is a well-known firm that creates steel almirahs, storage places and hiddens for prominent families, sanctuaries and gurdwaras all across India.

Mr. Naresh K. Madhok is a brilliant finance manager. He specialises in steeal and mystery storage spaces. He was born in Old Delhi and has worked in business since Prem Iron Works, which is now a public company, and before that, at NSF.

He has used investment monies to expand this organisation for as long as he can recall by doing an exceptional job for clients and providing them with the finest experience possible.

Our selection includes the best products, ranging from office to home decor. We have tables and workstations, as well as specific kitchens and steel objects for building destinations. We also have capacity furniture and stuff.

Features of Naresh Safe Factory's

wall fixing Almirah

100% Powder Coated

powder coated Metal

Providing the Highest Quality Powder Coated Steel Almirahs Since 1989.Have a customised steel almirah in your choice of color and finish.



Our clients can take advantage of our unique accessory add-on service.Obtain Personalized Add-Ons for Your Steel Almirah.

Electronic Locks

electronic locks

Electronic locks are an option for the steel almirah's locker.Consider installing an electronic lock into a steel almirah.

Customised Steel Almirah in east delhi.

1).Steel Almirah With Wooden Shutters.

Modular Configurations
Create a wardrobe that perfectly suits your needs. The main unit of the wardrobe offers the flexibility of adding drawer and locker units, in addition to providing plenty of hanging space. It comes in three different widths: 40 cm, 45 cm, and 50 cm. Enhance your space with a variety of add-on units, including an overhead storage unit and a dresser unit complete with LED lights.

Durable Steel Construction
At Naresh Safe Factory, we take great pride in our robust home storage solutions. The sturdy steel construction of the wardrobe ensures its long-lasting durability.

Wooden exteriors
Get Shutters of Wooden Exteriors with Finish of Acrylic or High Gloss.

Optimizing space
Choose from a range of overhead storage units in different sizes to make the most of your vertical space and effectively utilize your niches.

Electronic Locks
You can also opt for electronic locks for Lockers inside Almirah.

Modular acrylic shutter customised steel almirah
2.)Full glass almirah

Modular Configurations
Design a wardrobe that caters to your unique requirements.
This almirah have full glass doors .Can be made according to size.

Introducing our stunning Full Glass Almirah.
Discover the elegance of full glass can dress up with full dress lookup in the almirah.

Maximize Stylish Design.
These almirah can have transparent as well as mirror glass.

Electronic Locks
Consider choosing electronic locks for the lockers inside your almirah.

mirrored steel almirah
3.)Modular Steel Wardrobe.

Modular Configurations
Discover a wardrobe that is tailor-made for your unique needs.  . Elevate your space with a range of additional units, such as an overhead storage unit and a  that comes with Digital Locker and dresser unit .

At Naresh Safe Factory, we are extremely proud of our durable home storage solutions. This wardrobe is built to last with its sturdy steel construction.

Enhance Your wardrobe with a Variety of Accessories.
Discover a wide range of modular accessories including wardrobe lifters, modular baskets, and more.

Maximizing efficiency
Select from a variety of overhead storage units available in various sizes to maximize your vertical space and efficiently utilize your niches.

Electronic locks
Consider choosing electronic locks for the lockers inside your almirah.

modular customised steel almirah
Exclusive Features Of Our Almirah
All Our Almirah have these Salient Features.
Our Clients can opt for custom locks,Color finish,accessories etc ..
Get Estimate of your Customised almirah 📞 962 5050 351.
customised Steel Almirah in east delhi
modular customised steel almirah
*3D Designing Free.
Ordering process of customised steel almirah
Our Actual Site Images

We can manufacture any size,shape of wardrobes,Modular kitchens and Vaults(safes).

Modular customised steel almirah

Modular Steel almirah

Modular Steel Almirah have modern hinges and Doors are silent and fabricated.

Polyster + steel customised steel almirah

Polyster + Steel Almirah

These almirah doors are having Polyster foiled doors or membrane shutters.

mirrored steel almirah

Mirrored Steel Almirah

These are classy and Bold Style mirrored wardrobe for home.These are made with profile shutters.

kids customised steel almirah

Kids Steel Almirah

In this we use Membrane shutters for kids Steel Almirah .

open room steel almirah

Open Room Steel Almirah

This Concept is basically active in developed countries,its open room wardrobe .

Modular acrylic shutter customised steel almirah

Acrylic Shutter Steel Almirah

These are Pre-fabricated shutters of acrylic and are sourced from Malaysia.


Standalone Steel Almirah

Stand alone almirah can be placed everywhere and everywhere. Just choose your shade and colour .

Why Choose Us
Trust of 35+ years

We are manufacturing since 1989.

100% Tata Steel

We use 100% Grade -1 Tata steel for our products.

3D Design

We offer free 3D Design Service to our clients .

Powder Coated

We Manufacture Steel almirah 100% Powder Coated.

Fill Details and we will be in touch .
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customised steel almirah

The almirah is crafted from CRCA steel, giving it a sturdy and durable structure. Store your heaviest items, such as books, boxes, clothes, shoes, and more, with ease thanks to the sturdy almirah. The almirah offers specialized compartments to neatly organize your clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes.Consider choosing electronic locks for the lockers inside your almirah.

Customized steel almirahs offer the advantage of being tailored to perfectly suit the unique needs of each client.Steel’s exceptional durability and ability to withstand corrosion make it a perfect choice for various applications in the Indian climate.

NSF uses 0.9mm to 1.2 mm steel for almirah.It Depends on the type of almirah and preference of the customer.

The standard size of Almirah is 6.5Ft Height and 3ft in width.Also If you opt for Customised steel almirah it can be customised upto 10ft in height and 4ft in width.

We have almost 35+ years of Experience in Customised Steel Almirah.Since 1989 we had focused on Custom made Almirahs.

Yes ,We offer warranty of 5 years .You get On-site warranty for our products. For more detailed information visit : Click here

yes, we provide after sales for our products irrespective of warranty.Don’t worry if your warranty is over,We can fix and handle all customers problem regarding, loss of key, burglary etc.

Our 35 years of experience and loyal client base set us apart. We take pride in consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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