12 Locker Staff Almirah


12 Staff locker Steel Almirah

Product Features

This Staff locker Steel Almirah works best for schools, offices,warehouses and for workplaces .It Consists of 12 staff locker having capacity of Approx 30 liter.

Durable Constructed with CRCA Steel

CRCA Steel has withstood the test of time. That’s why the Slimline Wardrobe is so great: it’s both sturdy and durable.

Inside Storage

This is Best Suited for Keeping Bags,Mobiles,Clothes by Staff,students etc. Each locker have capacity of approx 30 litres and combined capacity of 30×12 =360 litres.


This Almirah Equipped with A hatch required to use Any Indian lock of various brand to lock its locker. The Staffer provides lock or the user locks it with its own lock.

Care Instructions.

Wipe it with Clean Damp Cloth. Avoid Using Chemicals, water etc on its surface.


12 Locker Staff Almirah

Primary Material CRCA Steel.

Dimensions W x H x D (cm) 78″ inch(L) X 36″ inch(W) X 22″ inch(D)

Delivery Condition Pre-Assembled.

Sales Package 1Pc.

Staff Locker (12) at Lowest Price Gauranteed.

Style Contemporary & Modern

Warranty 5 Years.

Country Of Origin India.

Weight65 kg
Dimensions55 × 147.54 × 198 cm
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